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How often do you hear about investment strategy? Disruptive strategy, All Weather strategy, Conservative allocation ... yes, without a strategy, forget to think about getting results.
Second thing to keep in mind, we are not talking about trading here, but about medium-long term investments with a specific goal. Obtain an average annual profit between 20% and 30%, by exploiting the fundamental analysis of the companies on which you are aiming, and as far as equities are concerned, sector diversification is the focal point of our portfolio, investing in good partly on the technological and financial sectors, to a lesser extent on healthcare, cyclical goods, real estate and energy.



The second large part of the portfolio is based on sector ETFs and ETFs of global indices which guarantee the portfolio stability in difficult times for the market and at the same time capture any crescent flares. 
Finally, a small part of the portfolio is reserved for cryptocurrencies, which given their volatility are to be kept in smaller numbers but remember that volatile does not mean less performing

Then the strategy is also based on world events and news and is preparing to rebalance itself on the European sector, which according to the latest analyzes with the Recovery Found is preparing to grow in the future


here you can see different wallet balances:

Grafico uno

The first balance is more conservative, with a more solid foundation of global ETFs, which make the portfolio stability but at the same time give you the ability to introduce a growing and solid stock to a small extent.

57% ETF

30% stocks

5% indices

5% crypto

3% commodities 

Grafico due

The second has a more aggressive allocation, the equity sector increases as well as the crypto sector to be full attack on a growing market.

Obviously the balance of the portfolio changes according to market periods such as strongly bullish or more bearish periods.

42% ETF

40% stocks

8% index

7% crypto

3% raw materials


Compound interest: invest your profits

Another pillar of the strategy is compound interest or reinvest the profit ... let's take a simple example:
I invest 100 in the AAPL stock (Apple inc.) and this stock grows by 30%. So now my stock is worth 130. If I went to collect the profit of 30, I can re-invest the total of 130. If the stock grows again by 30%, this time the percentage of 30% is calculated on 130 then 39.

If I reinvest 100 more I would always get 130, which is less than 139. By doing so year after year, the earnings grow exponentially more

Grafico grafico




Here you will find both the link to access my profile and portfolio to copy me and the link to find out what the etoro copy-trading service is.

Please note, we focus on a long term project, medium and long term income to be reinvested for another medium to long term. the profits are not seen in 2/3 months and not even in a couple of years ... the profits are noticed after 6/7 years not to say even 10. So don't be scared for a negative couple of months, patience is the key to a good investor.